If you want to know about the current contract negotiations for your contract, wages, and benefits; if you want to know who is representing you and if you want to have a voice in that representation, then keep reading.
Straight up words for a very straight up time. Hi, my name is Ruth Rose Hennessey and I am a Reference Librarian with the City of Corvallis, and the captain of your Contract Action Team. The next bargaining sessions are April 18th & 27th, and your attention is needed! Please consider which of these actions interests you. You can choose more than one!
Attend a bargaining (negotiations) session as a guest during your lunch period (bring in your lunch) or on your 15 minute break
Rally with your colleagues during bargaining sessions out side of City Hall
Write a blog post for our webpage which is nearly ready at a new wordpress site
Let me know if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt ($7.) that shows your support for our Local and your job
Adopt a negotiations team member to show your support of their struggle in a person to person way
Let me know if you want a yard sign showing your support of your job and your contract – ie your wages and benefits
Take photos of the team and fellow workers during rallies and other events
Generate ideas for informing your colleagues of the latest negotiations news
We are on Facebook so please follow https://www.facebook.com/afscme2975/
Please attend a Local meeting – 2nd Weds of the month at 5:30 – location varies.

Hoping and waiting to hear from you!

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