Last night I read this article in the New York Times about women with breast cancer delaying treatment because of high deductible plans.  I’m a breast cancer survivor.  And I am royally mad that the City has proposed to not fund their employee’s HSA deductible fully at the beginning of the year. I know our bargaining team will not agree to this! Yet I am angry that the upper management and their hired gun anti-labor lawyer think so little of the very workers that keep them in their positions of authority by doing the labor that they devalue.  There was a time when the City wanted to be an employer of choice but that time has passed.  We agreed to the HSA because they funded 3K of the deductible up front. They promised the stipend to cover the majority of the rest of the deductible and then tried to say they hadn’t meant to do that.  Under the current plan, I had cancer treatment including a mastectomy, and because of the deductible being nearly funded, I did not delay treatment. How can the City honchos say they value me, when if they had their way, I would have had to beg or borrow the money for my deductible?  It would appear, brothers and sisters, the folks on the other side are callous, cold and calculating.

Sincerely in Solidarity, Ruth Rose Hennessey

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