Oregon AFSCME President Jeff Klatke explains the nefarious purpose behind the mailer you most likely rec’d yesterday or today.

Dear Members,

The group attempting to take away our PERS, violate our privacy, and weaken our union – the “Freedom” Foundation – is at it again in the lead up to the Janus Decision.  A mailer claiming to be warning members to “Beware of the AFSCME scam” has been sent to members’ homes.

As we come closer to the Janus Decision, we should expect organizations like the “Freedom” Foundation and others to continue to attempt to contact, misinform, and harass members.  They believe that members will choose to weaken our union and their power by not standing together and dropping their membership. Members are becoming increasingly frustrated with the “Freedom” Foundation’s attempts to mislead and deceive them.  All one has to do is look at their Koch brother donors to know their agenda is all about the billionaires getting a bigger share of the pie, while weakening our economic stability and protections. We know that the best way to continue to improve our pay, benefits, and working conditions is by making the important choice to stay united.

Through our union, we have been able to make incredible gains.  That is because members like you have gotten engaged and taken action. This is why it is so important to be involved and help build a stronger union for ourselves, our families, and the communities we serve.  To that end, we invite you to fight back against these attacks by attending our Steward and Activist Summit on June 8th and 9thYou can register here.

The summit will focus on building skills to help you connect with co-workers to effectively organize and build power, union power, in your worksite.  It will also connect you with other AFSCME members from across the state looking to make a difference in their union.


Jeff Klatke

Oregon AFSCME President

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