Get creative and learn new skills – here’s how:

Your Captain, is seeking members who’d like to write blog posts, add to our Facebook page, create memes and sticker images and take photos for our Instagram account.

Our website uses the WordPress platform, and is very easy to use.  Posting every day keeps members returning to our site.  Please consider a long or short piece or paragraph regarding something of interest to you or a story that you’d like to share related to our jobs, wages, health care, or workers in general.  Our Facebook page is also fun and easy to use.  Just like our website, posting on Facebook at least once a day is important to keep our Local engaged! When  a blog is posted on our website, it automatically is posted on our Facebook page. Please consider sharing news of or about workers, your colleagues in the news, and information of use to your fellow AFSCME members. Our Instagram account is still in the concept phase. An Instagrammer is needed to help with the creation and the content of this soon to be live social media platform. Your Local now has a sticker maker to take to events and for our members to use.  We also have access to a button maker.  We need images, memes, quotes and fun ideas for the button and sticker maker as well as for posting on our social media accounts.

Some rules about content: Knowledge is power!  Keep posts factual, positive and genuine.  Our social media goal is to inform and uplift our members.  Political, hateful, religious and purposeless posts are not in our best interest.

Please contact Ruth Rose Hennessey at your earliest convenience to take a turn contributing to this exciting engagement endeavor!




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