The City has chosen to hire Todd Lyons, an outside lawyer specializing in providing “pro-management labor solutions” to serve as their lead negotiator.  The cost to the City (& taxpayers) of this choice equals one AFSCME worker’s health care stipend for every 3 hours that Todd sits in his car on the way to Corvallis, sits in the Madison Avenue Meeting Room, or sits in his office and talks to City management.  Sisters & brothers, that is a lot of stipends!

At the start of every negotiations session, I’ve greeted the Management side as if to say “I’m watching you!”. Having been on the 3 most recent contract negotiations for Team AFSCME, I can’t help but want to make them uncomfortable. For the July 18th session, I’ll have a special greeting for the City’s hired “negotiator”. It’ll be fun to watch.  I’m a bit of car nut so I’ll ask Todd about his yummy Porsche Carrera 4S. I’m curious about road noise on I-5.

You are welcome to observe negotiations sessions at any time during your own time; Team AFSCME needs members to be observers throughout the day.  Please come to the 5th & Madison meeting room.  And BYO lunch at Noon, Team AFSCME will join you by answering questions about negotiations and hear your concerns. Your Action team is providing the drinks and chocolate!


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