Solidarity means working together for the common good – for our way of life in service to our community, our planet and our sisters and brothers! Your Local President Carlos Lopez, Secretary Bonnie Brzozowski, Stewards Ruth Rose & Kristy & Council 75 Representative Antonio Gisbert took time out of their day to represent City of Corvallis workers at the annual Solidarity Fair in Central Park today. Especially during this time of bargaining for a fair contract, it is essential that we network with other groups who share our goals and with curious community members. Btw, there’s a networking opportunity in Albany for any member that lives in Albany and works for the City; let Carlos know if you’re interested. And thank these folks for representing YOU next time you see them!

One thought on “Netowrking for YOU!

  1. Hello everyone!
    This was a great time! Talking to people of all ages and walks of life that are looking to use their efforts and political voice to make our world better for ALL working people.
    In Solidarity,


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