I’m closing in on my one-year anniversary as a shop steward for our local 2975. Coming from the private industry where unions were spoke of with the jaw-clenching hate that a Red Sox fan has for a Yankee, I felt the urge to find out a little more about what or who is behind this proverbial curtain that has so much say in my livelihood. I stepped through the door with nary an idea of what to expect. I’d like to consider myself a “work-in-progress” in all walks of life including this one – something I may ask to be cut into my headstone. In the meantime, why don’t I share a some basic and unique things about me:

  • I enjoy improving. Improving the functionality of things – I know this because it’s in my job description. Also, improving myself and the world around me. This inclination led me to reading many self-help, conspiracy and spiritual books in my early twenties when I lived in Arizona (I may have taken The Celestine Prophecy more seriously than I should have). My time in AZ was transitional on many levels, but ultimately brought me back to the Pacific Northwest. Now, whether or not I am actually improving is a relative concept and so I may never truly know.
  • I am married. Her name is Corinne. She just finished her second year of pharmacy school at OSU. Our ten year anniversary is in two days. We met in a bar. There was romance in there somewhere, I promise. We have a sharp-witted independent daughter named Belle who is going into sixth grade at Franklin Elementary. Currently, some of our favorite times are spent watching reruns of 30 Rock and Seinfeld.  Blerg!

I plan on sharing more about me later, but I wanted to stress the reason I became a steward/organizer in our local: I care about our quality of life at the City of Corvallis. I’m no salesman, check my pockets for snake oil. But I am willing to sell to anyone on why having a union at your back is a gift we shouldn’t plan on stowing away anytime soon.

To put faces with names. From left to right: Belle, Corinne and Shilo (at Alsea Falls)



2 thoughts on “A Few Words From a Steward

    1. Of course, Carlos. I’m looking forward to seeing you at our member meeting tonight. Belle is also very excited to see Sophia. I hope she can still make it.


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