Your AFSCME negotiations team is obsessed with our health care benefits and COLAs because this is why all of us work for the City.  Yes, we love our jobs and we love our customers but if we were not getting fairly compensated, we would not be working here.  That’s a broad statement that is true I believe.   You can find our salary schedules through our website

When I look at the salary schedule, I am struck by the number of employees that have a starting wage which is less than the much touted $15. an hour living wage. And the many more that are only a $1 over.  These folks are surely working for the City for their benefits including the very important stipend. So as your team continues to fight to preserve our healthcare benefits and raise our wages with reasonable cost of living increases, please remember that the lowest paid city worker starts at only $12.23 an hour!  It is unconscionable that management is putting so much effort into denying City workers fair & reasonable compensation.

Sincerely in solidarity, Ruth Rose

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