Every year, my father buys his kids Seattle Mariners tickets so that we can see each other for a small moment outside of the traditional holidays. Pretty much all of our family is up in Washington (there is some in Idaho, but we don’t talk about them :0P). We stayed with my mother-in-law, Anna who lives in Lacey, WA and decided to go out to dinner at Dirty Dave’s Pizza Parlor.

Don’t let the name fool you, Dirty Dave’s was reasonably clean.

As we were walking in, Corinne pointed to the billboard behind me. Lo and behold, there it was: an AFSCME advertisement reminding me of why my family and I are able to have the comfortable freedom we do to take our weekends and enjoy our lives outside of the workplace.

This is Washington AFSCME Council 28. Here is a link to the section of their website explaining why FAIR PAY is important:

I hope to see you all this weekend at the bowling party.  Remember it’s 630-830 PM @ Highland Bowl on 9th in Corvallis!! Bring your friends and family. Looking forward to seeing you all!



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