The AFSCME bowling party was a huge success on Saturday. 90 people came and enjoyed a great evening of bowling and raffles. A huge shout out of thanks goes to the Member Engagement Team for planning the party; a great time was had by all! Check out our Facebook page for photos from the party:

Also, there will be no membership meeting this month. See you all in August where hopefully we’ll be celebrating good news on the contract front.

Speaking of the contract, our next two negotiation sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, July 18 and Thursday, July 26. Member visitors are always welcome; just be sure to come on your non-work time (breaks, lunch, or time off). Team AFSCME always appreciates the support, and the way the presence of our members helps Management remember that we have your support in the process.

Thanks to everyone who made it to the party and to everyone who has given the negotiation team feedback through this process. Your involvement makes a big difference.

Thanks again,

Natalie Summerlin

AFSCME Vice-President & Chief Steward

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