This is the email from our Local President, Carlos Lopez sent the day after our last negotiation July 26, 2018. Please read so you are clear where we stand – united in our fight for our contract, benefits and wages.
Hello All,
Yesterday’s negotiation session ended with city management declaring that they wanted to go to mediation because they do not want to provide you with the stipend they agreed to fund in perpetuity.
They tried shaming us for having the best healthcare package amongst our comparators, I am not ashamed to lead the way.  In the sense that no one should ever shame you for gender, race, religion or beliefs.  They will not succeed in their attempts to dim the light on the values we hold in regards to our healthcare – we should all strive to have better benefits for ALL.  I am proud to be a Union member, I am proud to be part of the collections crew, I am proud to have good benefits that WE ALL EARN!  We are an example of how good things can be, thanks to past employee Union members fighting for us, we now have the ability to hold that torch and defend and improve the benefits for all!!!
Unite people in the belief that they are worth it and so much more.
I want to thank Joan Extrom for sharing her personal gratitude on how the city insurance program has benefited her life and how devastating it would be to lose it.  I know from talking to you all that there are many of you in the same boat as Joan, please share in her courage and prepare to testify and stand united as to why healthcare is so important to you and your families.  You can share and read more at
What does mediation mean for us?  It means we will be in separate rooms trying to get to yes on fundamental rights.  It also means that in 15 days from mediation we can declare an impasse and if that happens, a lot of things change for all of us, what that looks like, depends on mediation.
I am so very proud of serving with you all, I am dedicated to seeing this through with our team and look forward to your continued support!
In solidarity,
Carlos M. López
Wastewater Collection/Surface Water Mgmt System Specialist
AFSCME Local 2975 President
541.740.3724 work cell

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