I hope anyone reading this can make sense of it.

Without giving away too much information about this corporate entity, I wanted to share the benefits of being part of a union.

Even in the little things, it shows up.

For instance, here are mileage rates for union and non-union workers at a very large grocery chain (see cropped photo above). I’m positive that the non-union worker doesn’t get paid less because gas costs less for them. The IRS standard mileage rate for 2018 is 54.5 cents.

Please don’t forget why we are union. If you don’t know why, just remember that when money is involved, it’s easy to take advantage of human beings. At one point in history a group of workers got fed up with being taken advantage of. They’ve already laid the ground work. All we have to do is maintain it.

I may not know some of you, but I care about and love you all. We work in a wonderful city that is unique and special. There is no reason why we should settle for anything less reflected in our wages and benefits. Negotiations are a opportune time to get involved and get to know the other members of your union. Please, send us an e-mail, stop by our work places, or give us a call and say “hello”.

Click the link below to find us.

Corvallis AFSCME Local 2975 Officers and Executive Board Members

-Shilo Anway


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