The Corvallis Advocate ran an article in 2012 wherein the City Finance Director Nancy Brewer discussed the strain of rising salaries.  In this article the salary for City Manager was listed at $140,000, now 6 years later the salary is $183,000. That is a 30.7 % increase in just 6 years.  The article goes on to list other City salaries including those of the lowest paid city workers, the Library shelvers who make $12.50 an hour. Here is the salary schedule for all exempts and for all AFSCME workers. There was a time when City management gave themselves a raise after the AFSCME contract was settled.  There was a belief that it was appropriate to give a raise to themselves something that was commensurate with the raise which was bargained for the front line employees. Now the City has given themselves a raise of 3% and are offering us 1%. This last line from the the Corvallis Advocate’s 2012 article sums up my thoughts on the increases that City management gives themselves – “Perhaps the answer isn’t to cut certain positions, but to reassess the top city staff’s high salaries.”

Wanting a fair contract,

~ Ruth Rose



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