Yesterday Shilo and I spent nearly 5 hours on our day off talking & listening to members and fielding excellent questions – this time all at Public Works. Bottom Line #8 will be published as soon as possible with specifics about last week’s mediation session. We really appreciate all of the folks willing to take a break to talk to us!  If we missed you, we hope to catch up to you next time.

This is the 2nd time we’ve done this and as we did last time, we learned a lot. Most folks are eager for info and grateful for our negotiations team. Workers asked very thoughtful  questions and we did our best to answer them. We were asked about previous contracts’ contents and how they were negotiated, the why and how of fair share, how managers get their raises, why the City council is important to us, why AFSCME,  about political contributions, union values training and more questions too. It was pretty intense, and actually quite invigorating and valuable.

Next Monday, were going to all of the work groups again.  Sharing with our Union family is very important to us, our organization and to our negotiations team.   You can ask your questions at any time of course by emailing have buttons, posters for your employee boards, white cards if you need one, and next time we’ll bring a copy of our contract that though it is expired, it is still a valid legal document for us.

Looking forward to seeing you soon in your workplace on 8/20, at our meeting at the Parks Admin building tomorrow 8/14 at 5:30, and at the Harrison Fire Station for the  next City Council meeting on 8/20 6 pm.

Thanks for reading this and for being engaged with your Union!

Sincerely in solidarity,

~ Sister Ruth Rose

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