“Comparison is the thief of joy”. Or so said Theodore Roosevelt all those years ago. I’m not so sure I agree on such a general statement as that.

I mean, I understand that, when we compare ourselves to others, it’s very easy to be self-critical or to envy those who are seemingly better off. Especially, in these social-media laden times.

But, that is comparing ourselves to others right at this moment. What about when we compare ourselves to others at different periods of time? Well, I’m sure it’s all relative there, I suppose. One might say we are better off now with more convenient ways of life through technology and science, yet another would opine of simpler times with less pollution and misinformation.

History does have it’s moments and it is easy to forget if we haven’t lived it. How do we truly comprehend what our past brothers and sisters went through to be treated fairly and with civility? Well, one way is to compare our lives now to their lives then. We’re not that far disconnected from them for we are still riding the wave they left for us. To know what it would be like without a union is to see ourselves in their shoes before they organized. I wonder about their hardships quite often.

In that sense, I would say, “comparison is the bearer of joy” for I am happy to know my life is better because of them.

Here is a comparison chart that Ruth Rose sent me to share with you all. The union is the checks and balances to our quality of life. Without it, we would “get what we get and don’t have a fit.”


Hope to see you all tonight at the membership meeting at Avery Park, 530 PM.

-Shilo Anway

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