Report from 1st mediation session is here: Bottom Line_issue 8  Thank you to the Negotiations Team for keeping members informed.

Corvallis AFSCME
The Bottom Line Contract Negotiation Newsletter Issue #8 – August 14, 2018
What happened at the August 8 session?
There were no proposals regarding wages or medical benefits submitted by either side. Both sides agreed to try to TA as many articles as possible before tackling the money issues. This was successful, as you will read below.
Tentative Agreement
The following articles were tentatively agreed to:
Article 2 – Union Security and Checkoff – There isn’t a lot of new language in this article. It mostly has to do with the City providing the Union with a monthly report that lists all bargaining unit members currently employed by the City and any new hires and terminations since the prior month’s report.
Article 15 – Vacation Accumulation – The Union did not lose any ground from the last contact. The Union fought hard to keep Vacation Buy Back for longer-tenured employees (10 years of more) and was successful in keeping this language.
Article 16 – Holidays – This article remains largely the same. Section 16.5, Holidays Worked, was clarified. An example is now given. An employee who works on either a holiday or a day observed in lieu of a holiday will be compensated at no more than 3 times their regular rate of pay. The example is for an employee whose regular shift is 8 hours. The employee is called in on a holiday and works 2 hours, the employee is paid as follows: 2 hours works x 3 times rate of pay = 6 hours of holiday worked pay and 6 hours for the holiday, 8 holiday – 2 hours worked = 6 holiday at straight time for a total of 12 hours of pay.
Article 21 – Acting in Capacity – This article is the same as current contract language.
Article 24 – Posting Job Vacancies – The only change to this article from current contract language is that the City will notify represented employees with City email about the vacancies which occur in a bargaining unit position, and which the City intends to fill.
Article 27 – Reduction in Force, Layoff – This article remains the same.
Article 30 – Safety – This article remains the same.
Article 32 – Prevailing Benefits – This article remains the same.
Counterproposals and Proposals
Submitted by Union:
Article 1 – Recognition – The Union is attempting to clearly name persons who are in the bargaining unit.
Article 6 – Union Representation – The Union insisted on representation at the New Employee Orientation days. The City is grudgingly agreeing to allow the Union 15 minutes for one represented employee to meet with new hires but is insisting that a Human Resources staff member be present.
Article 8 – Grievance Procedure – Both sides are close to a TA on this article.
Article 14 – Leaves – There are many issues to be resolved in this article.
Article 20 – Special Pay – The Union submitted a proposal that includes additional pay for employees who have Limited Maintenance Electrician licenses or HVAC certifications. These are special certifications that in some cases carry additional liabilities.
Article 25 – Probationary Period. The main sticking point is language about Certifications, Licenses and Clearances.
Article 33 – Personnel Records – The Union is proposing current contact language.
Appendix C – Transportation Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing – The major sticking point for the Union is language about Marijuana testing, Prescription Drug testing, and Federal Transit Administration guidelines.
Submitted By The City:
The City packaged the following 6 articles. This means that the Union must agree to all of these for any of them to be TA’d. The Union is still reviewing these articles.
Article 5 – Employee Rights.
Article 6 – Union Representation.
Article 8 – Grievance Procedure.
Article 9 – Hours of Work and Overtime
Article 14 – Leaves.
Article 25 – Probationary Period.
What happens next?
This was the first session that involved mediation. A comprehensive explanation of the mediation rules is spelled out on AFSCME 2975’s website. The next mediation session is scheduled for September 11.
Become a Full Member of AFSCME – Union membership has increased since the Janus decision. Union members realize that there are forces out there that want to eliminate unions and dismantle our family. After the City’s performance at the last bargaining session, it is abundantly clear that the City wants nothing more than the Union to fracture so that the City can continue to move positions/work to exempt or casual staff, or even better eliminate your hard earned benefits and wages. Don’t let them do it. “United we stand, divided we fall” is still true today.
Thank Yous – Thank you very much to all Union members, families and friends who showed up at the City Council meeting on August 6th. We had nearly 30 members strong, a show of force that clearly impressed the crowd. More City Council meetings will see the Union being represented.
Many of you have met with Ruth Rose Hennessey and Shilo Anway, who co-captain our Contract Action Team. Ruth Rose and Shilo take a lot of their personal time to get out and meet Union members and explain where we are in the bargaining process. A heartfelt thank you to Ruth Rose and Shilo. Please consider becoming a member of the Contact Action team. Ruth Rose and Shilo cannot do it alone. Your help would go a long way toward keeping our members informed, and that is the best way to keep the Union strong.
Stay up-to-date Web: Facebook: E-mail:
You can also contact a member of the AFSCME bargaining team directly: Carlos Lopez, Tim Bates, Bonnie Brzozowski, Luke Cotton, Jon Pywell, Natalie Summerlin, Shilo Anway (alternate), and Adam Womack (alternate).

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