Kris Lopez, our Local’s First Lady, shared these thoughts today.  I decided to verify (I’m a librarian after all) and found that Pulitzer prize winning PolitFact in January 2018 reported that CEO’s making 300 x their workers’ pay is on the high side of research.  Does that mean that many CEO’s make only 200 x more than their workers?
I appreciate Kris’ reflection. Read on:

Watching the news this morning…

In America CEO pay has gone up 949% in the past 40 years….
that’s great right?! What we’d expect is to see wage growth for their employees to be maybe half of that ? A Quarter of it ?

What is the wage growth of their workers? 11%. All while paying more for their healthcare of course. It didn’t mention if that was considered.

Next time someone tells you about this idea that when companies grow owners/CEOs will do the right thing by the employees -who make that success happen- remember that’s just not how it goes. I’ve seen people give their entire lives to companies to get screwed right before their retirement to save a bottom line.

We’ve come to this spot where demanding fair pay is seen as greed… Protect and advocate for yourself. If only we all had someone advocating FOR us and WITH us. #unionsdo

One thought on “On the High Side of Research

  1. Beauttifully said, Ruth Rose. In terms of the “Rising TIde” lifting all boats, theirs are the only boats that appear to be rising.


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