As reported in the Corvallis Gazette-Times today, your sisters and brothers who attended the City Council meeting on Monday August 20th were noticed by reporter James Day. Thanks for the honorable mention!

Corvallis City Council backs 9-1-1 taxing district

It’s a bit further down in the article. There was a lot to cover that evening.

“• Dozens of members of the city’s American Federation of State, City and Municipal Employees bargaining unit were on hand for the start of the meeting, but all of them left at the beginning of the community comments portion of the session. The city is currently negotiating a new contract with the AFSCME workers, the city’s largest labor union with more than 200 members. At the Aug. 6 council meeting AFSCME workers also were on hand. Three made brief comments during the public testimony phase but none noted anything about the talks.”

This is what we’re doing! Stronger together!!

~ Ruth Rose Hennessey

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