Member engagement Monday report:

Shilo and Ruth Rose were able to get to most of the people who signed up for a t-shirt! We spent from 1030-530 on our day off talking to members and handing out the shirts based on the sizes requested. Shilo had just picked up our order this morning! Many more of your colleagues want shirts so another order will be placed very soon! If you would like a shirt and didn’t get a chance to talk to us, please send your name and size to Shilo Anway or Ruth Rose Hennessey. Sizes S-5XL are available. Wear your shirt with pride at work if you like. We are excited to be able to bring these to you! What a great way to show our solidarity and to declare positively that we are AFSCME Local 2975 – We Make Corvallis Happen.

Special thanks to Vickie Staffelbach and Ted Hart for showing instant solidarity!

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