Bottom Line_issue 9

Corvallis AFSCME The Bottom Line  Contract Negotiation Newsletter Issue #9 – 9/13/2018

What happened at the 9/11/18 session?

There were three series of events that occurred at this session – Tentative Agreements; Counter Suposals and Suposals submitted by The Union and Management. Folks, it was a long day, 15.5 hours to be exact.  The City is holding up our contract on disciplinary ideas and the stipend.  If you include the stipend, we are very close – under 2 million and when you consider the treasury folder in the CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) is holding over 30 million in savings, we are very close.  If you exclude the stipend we are less than 2 City Manager salaries away – that close.

5 of your stipends have been burnt by our management on 9/11, by having their lawyer Todd Lyons there. The longer we mediate the more they waste; hold up, after petty hold-up because our management is trying to shift the blame on a lawyer?  The lawyer is the mouthpiece, their lawyer is saying what they are too embarrassed to say and own- that they think we should go without, while they see 3% raises, pay no insurance premium pick-up and make in some cases, over 8 times your salary.  This is the fight we are in.

We floated a few mediator supposals at the end to really help management get creative.  It is baffling to me that they introduced this high deductible plan and now want to strip it from us while we continually save the city millions, year after year by agreeing to this plan.  I would like for you all to consider a different plan in the future, there will be an update on the website with the current information we have from our Healthcare Committee.

We will be hosting impasse trainings in the next week and we will be discussing our options.

We recently hosted and interviewed the contested mayor, city council and Benton county commissioner races. All of these people wanted OUR endorsement, Senator Sara Gelser, came and sought OUR endorsement, Rep. Dan Rayfield came for OUR endorsement.  Not one of these candidates we interviewed walks around trying to win an election saying “endorsed by city management”.  Potential mayors and candidates come and ask us for our approval, to direct our managers! Our team is gearing up and preparing to “go to the mattresses” for you, be it on city streets or in a mediation room.  The only hold up in this is our City management.   Promises and contracts are not made to be broken.                                         – Carlos Lopez, AFSCME Local 2975 President

Tentative Agreements – Current Contract here

Articles TA’ed 9/11:

  • Article 5: Employee Rights (CCL) Current Contract Language
  • Article 8: Grievance Procedure (close to CCL)
  • Article 19: Job Classification & Wage Adjustment (CCL)
  • Article 20: Special Pay (close to CCL)
  • Article 25: Probationary Period (better protection for licenses & clearances)
  • Appendix C: Transportation Employee Testing (update of language)

Articles Remaining:

  • Article 1: RecognitionAgreement except Union wants to strike proposed addition of “temporary/casual employees” to Section 1.2.
    • City holding up in package with 1, 6, 9, 33 .
  • Article 6: Union RepresentationAgreement on NEO, City holding up in package with 1, 6, 9, 33.
  • Article 9: Hours of workNo agreement, we are not interested in paying for a higher comp bank with the City’s proposed penalties.
    • City holding up CCL (Current Contract Language) in package with 1, 6, 9, 33.
  • Article 14: LeavesAgreement except Union wants to strike proposed addition to Section 14.4 Witness or Jury Duty.
  • Article 33: Personnel RecordsNo agreement, the City wants to be able to hold your records indefinitely in a secret file, accessible only to the HR director or their agent, we don’t trust anyone without a check and balance.
    • City holding up CCL in package with 1, 6, 9, 33.
  • Article 18 Wages & Article 22 Health

Latest proposals by Union (City needs to respond):

  • Option A (maybe also not retro, per Option B):
    • 3% (retro), 2.5%, 3.0%, 2.5%, 2.0%
    • Medical Stipend CCL
    • CCL on health, except HSA in 1/12ths, with qualified draw
  • Option B:Wages as in Option A, no Medical Stipend, not retro
    • $250 bonus each month until implementation (representing a monthly wage increase of between (3.25% and 23.58%)
    • January 2019 across-the-board wage increase of $1,000 (annual)
    • Medical Need draw up to unpaid portion of $1,000, payable over the course of the year
    • Less than full-time employees also eligible for supplement of fraction of additional wages not received (for example, .75 FTE @ $250)
  • Option C:3 year deal, as in Option A, but HSA in full in January
  • Article 36 Term of AgreementContingent upon Article 18 & Article 22, between 3-5 years
  • Appendix AClose to CCL

What happens next?

Please draft a letter to our mayor, your ward representative if you live in town, the editor of the Gazette-times and have them ready by the 1st of October.  Please attend the member actions we provide for you, they are steadily increasing and we have many different ways for you to participate at a level that is comfortable for you.

Any overtime you earn, comp it and be prepared to make a comp bank withdrawal to help with any lost wages if necessary.  Attend the upcoming Impasse education and vote sessions. Work on and keep calm, we are close.  We are hoping for the best but planning for the worst.

Stay up-to-date

Web: Facebook:  E-mail:

You can also contact a member of Team AFSCME directly.

Carlos Lopez, Shilo Anway (alternate), and Tim Bates (Public Works)

Bonnie Brzozowski (Library)

Luke Cotton (IT)

Jon Pywell and Natalie Summerlin (Parks & Rec)

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