As we trudge through our negotiations, it is easy to forget that other folks in others cities are working towards the same ends as we are: a fair contract. Albany is riding the same storm we are and is looking for a little help. Knowing that there are a few Albany residents in our membership made this an easy ask. Albany AFSCME local 2909 union president Sheena Dickerman recently had a conversation with Carlos about that ask:

“Good morning, Carlos,

It was great talking to you. A reminder that Albany is fighting for a fair contract too. We have a couple of events that we would love to have your members, especially those that live in Albany, support with.
Tuesday, September 18  from 4-5 p.m. We are having a picket “Party”. Members will be outside of City Hall holding up the “Fair contract now” signs and communicating with the public. We would love for your members to show their support by joining us.
Wednesday, September 26  at 7 pm. City Council meeting. Our members will be making our voice known to the City Council. We will be meeting at Albany’s City Hall around 6 p.m. we will be providing pizza, we would appreciate having any of your members that live in Albany to join us with their families/friends/etc. to help us communicate our message.
Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can support your team!!
Thank you!
Wear your green and help support local labor. Ultimately, we are all affected by the same cuts and losses.
In solidarity,
Shilo Anway