Voting is a sacred act, and a big part of what makes unions strong & powerful. To all of you who came out to vote yesterday (a large majority of our members) before or after work, during your lunch or break, I and the Negotiations Team, send a huge thank you salute! The voting team went into action on Tuesday, and yesterday your sisters & brothers volunteered to do their part to ensure that you had a voice. I want to thank each of them for their service to our Local family, our contract, and the democratic process! Tammy Rider, Carlos Lopez, Laura White, Stephen Whitener, Charneé Rose, Shilo Anway, Natalie Summerlin, Connie Burdick, Bonnie Brzozowski, Tim Bates, Joye Fukuda and myself.  Five brothers & sisters spent a large portion of their day off to monitor and verify the voting, and to them I send an extra measure of thanks!  This is solidarity in action! This is Union Strong!

Sincerely in solidarity, Ruth Rose Hennessey

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