***Join us at the City Council meeting at the Downtown Fire Station (400 NW Harrison Street) between 5:15-5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 1st! We need to fill up Council Chambers and show everyone what solidarity looks like! Wear your t-shirt or just wear green!***

Dear Members,

Yesterday afternoon, our Local declared impasse in contract negotiations with the City following the strike authorization vote on Wednesday. We took this step to get the process moving and to free ourselves so that we may make our case to the public whom we believe will support us. We have been reaching out to the press today, so you may begin to see news articles and more regarding impasse.

We now enter into PECBA’s (Public Employee Collective Bargaining Act) timeline regarding a strike. This includes 7 days to get in final offers, a 30 day cooling off period, and then our window to strike opens, if necessary.

Like all of you, we want to avoid a strike. The best way we feel to do that is to prepare for one while we continue to engage the City in negotiations.

We just heard from our Union’s Executive Director Stacy Chamberlain as well. She has informed us that we have the full backing of Oregon AFSCME and, at their next board meeting, a strike assistance vote will occur.

We are also beginning to talk with our allies in the community and in politics to gather support. It is likely you will see some information on social media and in the paper this weekend.

Please come out to the City Council Meeting on Monday, October 1st. This is our first public action and we will begin to make our case there. Now is our chance to tell our story!

If we stay united we have no doubt that we will win this fight. 
In Solidarity,
Local 2975 Bargaining Team

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