I wanted to just give a quick shout out, as they say, to some of our Local 2975 members who stepped forward to share their statements today through City Email.

Michael Hanson: Your detailed Email was wonderful and a much-needed response from someone other than the normal talking heads of our union. Thank you for taking the time to write this up.

Anthony Beach: A pleasant surprise! you hit every nail on the head! one thing you missed though. That fire contract is 15% over three years, not six. They have COLA raises every six months!! Plus their first COLA of the contract was 4% which allows for it to compound much better!! Something I think we should try to work out in our contract to make up for the stipend.

Ted Hart: Simple and supportive. Thank you for speaking up!

Ruth Rose: Well, what’s to say about you that we don’t already know. Your organizational pluckiness is the glue that bonds us. Don’t ever change.

Our HR Directors Email on Thursday was a bold move. It was an attempt to turn our membership against us as your negotiators. We have always painstakingly considered each and every one of your opinions and suggestions when negotiating this contract. In fact, this would probably be over if we didn’t have your best interests in mind. There were countless omissions and word twisting within the e-mail. Last night when our group met, we considered not replying to the Email. But we knew it was important for you all to know the facts. The members who spoke out today have given us much needed strength and have proved that we as negotiators are not making these decisions without considering you all.

If anyone has time tomorrow, look for Marco Gonzales and Connie Burdick at the Saturday Market! They will be there handing out call slips to the community asking for their support. More importantly, if anyone is willing to join them, please shoot me an Email tonight and I will provide the details of the where and when.

Enjoy your union provided weekend!


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