Yesterday, October 6, City of Corvallis AFSCME members Connie, Jon, Marco, Kristy & Shilo worked together to talk to community members with our call slips in hand at the Corvallis Farmer’s Market. Maybe you’ve been wondering what it’s like to talk to the community about our fight to maintain our health care. Here’s what Jon & Connie report. When you see these folks, give them kudos for their work!

Jon: Although a lot of folks were busy and gave me the “I’m ok thanks” as they passed, without exception all those whom I spoke to were supportive of our position and disturbed by the city’s stand on the issue of the stipend and HSA. Many were planning to call the city including several fairly influential people.

Connie: I think for the most part, when people took the time to stop and look over the call slip and hear why we were there, they were generally pretty supportive. Some asked for more information. I shared that we were not asking for more than our current, and now expired contract, but asking to just maintain our current benefits. I would say on that point most said that was a reasonable request. Many also shared their experiences in regards to their own past health insurance challenges. One man said his union was also in the same place we are with their negotiations. All on all, I felt it was an uplifting experience.

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