Hello AFSCME 2975 family,  We’re mobilizing for actions in order to get our fair contract ASAP.  Here is a list of what will be happening now through Monday evening.

Today, Thursday October 11, a fired-up crowd made informational picket signs last night at our monthly meeting.  They are being distributed today to some departments. Please keep them at your desk/work space.  More will be available at Monday’s actions.

Tomorrow, Friday October 12th – Make those phone calls, ask your friends and families to make the calls too. If the phone goes to voicemail, leave a message! Mark Shepard, City Manger is the priority.  541-766-6901 city.manager@corvallisoregon.gov If calling is just too far outside of your comfort zone, then please send an email. Here is a link to City Council & the Mayor. Carlos & Jon created 2 templates for us to use:

“I”m very proud of the services which my colleagues in AFSCME provide the city and its residents. We work as a team to maintain, plan build and repair the city services which make our city a safe, beautiful and valuable place to live. It’s vitally important that we can stay healthy and not be forced to consider costs incurred due to our high deductibles which could lead to long term health issues. Many of us do hazardous work and routinely risk our lives to provide these services and our lowest paid staff shouldn’t be forced to pay more out of pocket to cover health care costs.  Loss of our stipend and parsing of our HSA represents a significant pay cut to our lowest paid colleagues who shelve books, prune trees, repair sidewalks, answer phones and keep the city going.”

“I am calling as a citizen of Corvallis to express my support for the AFSCME represented employees. Corvallis is a special and tight-knit community that values the dignity of working people. To hear that my representatives are proposing through their surrogates, cuts to city employee’s healthcare benefits is appalling. In times such as this, our community should be building bridges and lifting each other up, not attempting to score a quick political win. Furthermore, the economics of this do not justify these cuts, particularly when the city is hiring an expensive Portland attorney to attack these workers. As a voter, I urge you to settle a contract that protects these workers healthcare.”

Saturday, October 13, 9:30-11:30 Farmer’s Market Canvassing – Meet outside of Sky High Pub 160 NW Jackson. Last week’s canvassing went very well! We have call slips to hand out, and you’ll be able to speak to our community directly.

Sunday, October 14th, anytime.  Watch Julius Moreland’s powerful unscripted 2 minute video on why we are in this fight!

Monday, October 15th 12-2pm Mediation Lunch Rally – Bring your lunch in your Local 2975 lunch sack – “colas” and chocolate provided, Madison Avenue Meeting Room 5th & Madison. Bring your signs or pick one up. Let’s pack the block!

Monday, October 15th 5:15-7:15 pm (approximate times, possibly later) City Council meeting 6 pm, Downtown Fire Station 5th & Harrison – Bring your sign & your family, wear your shirt or button or green. Perhaps we will have settled our contract that day and we can say thank you.  If not be prepared to speak with a 3 minutes or less testimony.  Everyone who has been wanting to speak can do so. Council has a big agenda that day so be prepared for a long meeting. Please stay until the end of the public comments portion.

Questions or comments? Contact Ruth Rose, Carlos, or Shilo.

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