Check out this article on the recent negotiations between AFSCME local 3299 and UC leaders:

You’ll notice a few paragraphs in that the other side of the negotiating table is pushing back with the same rhetoric as our human resource director/anti-union lawyer:

In a prepared statement, UC leaders said: “Union leaders refuse to allow their own members to vote on UC’s competitive contract offer…”

I wonder if it’s a Union Busting 101 tactic.

This is happening everywhere folks. Albany, UC, teachers in Washington State. We get better benefits and get paid more in unions because it’s what we as humans deserve. Nobody said it would be easy though.

Please call today and tell our city manager you want a fair contract.

Speaking from my heart, I care about you all. I don’t want to strike, I want this to end with a fairly settled contract. I’m ready to spend more time with my family. They’re ready too. I keep going in to each mediation session with a gleam of hope and by the end of the day I’m grinding my teeth and rubbing the back of my neck. Why? Why would management put so much effort into essentially decreasing our quality of life? It’s hard to not take it personally. I dislike contention and confrontation, but I am unwilling to bend on efforts put towards destabilizing my, my families and my coworkers health and happiness. Ask my wife, I am stubborn. Be stubborn with me until we see this through.


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