Hello, sharing the Corvallis City Council agenda for Monday October 15th Please arrive between 5:15 & 5:30 so that we can be AFSCME Strong as community members and others arrive.Read the agenda for Council’s Executive Session (4:30 & prior to the public meeting): They’ll be told a one-sided view of negotiations and their highest paid employee is getting an evaluation.

Here’s Kristy’s report from today’s canvassing at Saturday Market – “We had a fantastic time speaking with community members about our fight to maintain our medical stipend and found a wealth of support from folks who, like us, think it’s vital to take care of the people who take care of the city. It was really heartwarming to have folks take time with us to hear our story, ask how to help, and some even made phone calls to Mark Shepard right there on the spot.”

Thank you Kristy, Tim, Carlos, Stephen, and Antonio for taking time to show up today at the Farmer’s Market!

Remember, together, we show up and stand strong.

See you Monday at City Council, in green, proud, and with a sign!

Sincerely showing up in solidarity,

~ Ruth Rose Hennessey

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