From AFSCME 2975 Member, Connie, from the Corvallis Public Library:

My fellow AFSCME members, we are moving into make or break on our negotiations. I just wanted to share a few thoughts moving forward.

WE. This is what makes US a union. WE may have different needs in regards to our contract. Some of us work full time, some part time. Some work many hours of overtime, some none. WE work in diverse jobs. WE benefit and become US when WE support each other’s contractual needs, even if it does not benefit the ME.

When WE divide into US and THEM, WE no longer exist. IF we lose the WE, WE might as well give up our union and take whatever the city wants to offer US. And that would not be good for any of US.

By standing together, WE all win. When ME chooses to support only that that is a benefit to themselves, they deny the whole, the US. Only by standing together and supporting those differing needs of such a diverse group, do WE all remain WHOLE.

In continued unity,

Want more Connie? Check out this post to see how she’s making a statement!

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