Thank our team when you see them this week!! I know better than most what it’s like to stay in a room for hours and quite literally fight for the WE. Our team deserves our utmost gratitude for taking this on. PLEASE thank Carlos López, Natalie Summerlin, Tim Bates, Jon Pywell, and Shilo Anway for being tough on ALL our behalf for an 18 hour slogfest! ALSO thank Bonnie Brzozowski and Luke Cotton for getting them to that day. These 7 colleagues have given so much! Though we pay our dues and expect the help we received -and are appreciative of it- from Antonio Gisbert, Jim Steiner, Jennifer Chapman, and Dan Torres, please thank them also. THANK YOU to the members from every department who are always there to lend a hand – in ways big and small, their support and encouragement is the energy that keeps this Local whole. And thank you to our community for whom we labor and who stood up for us their public servants!

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