Greetings AFSCME.  Information sessions are being arranged now so stay tuned for those dates and times.  Almost exactly 36 hours later, here is the latest issue of The Bottom Line issue 11 – 10-17-2018 covering the last mediation session on Monday October 15th. Thank you Team AFSCME & especially Natalie Summerlin, Jon Pywell & Shilo Anway for getting this out to us so quickly!  This is best viewed as the PDF linked above but i have included the text below.

AFSCME The Bottom Line
Contract Negotiation Newsletter Issue #11 – October 17, 2018
We Have A Tentative Contract! Read On For Details!

Informational Meetings to Come
Dates Will Be Announced via email, website & Facebook – watch for them!
Ratification Vote: Wednesday, October 24, 7:30 am – 6:30 pm
Location: Corvallis-Benton County Public Library Board Room (in the basement), 645 NW Monroe
All Corvallis AFSCME members are invited to vote on the ratification of our next contract. You must be a member of AFSCME to vote; membership forms will be available at voting sites to allow non-members to join the union so they can vote.
Team AFSCME was in mediation until the wee hours Monday night, determined to win a contract that we could recommend to the bargaining unit. The remaining issues on the table were wage increases, the medical stipend, the City’s contribution to our Health Savings Account (HSA), overtime, compensatory time, callback, pay for overnight travel, and the definition of who is included and excluded from our bargaining unit. Thanks to an outstanding display of solidarity and community support during the Council meeting that night and with the help of Oregon AFSCME staff, here’s what was achieved on the
outstanding contract items:
 Contract Term: 5 years, would run through June 30, 2023.
 City’s Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution: full amount paid in January of each calendar year until December 31,
2022; after that, the contribution will be prorated 1/12 per month over the year ($125/month single; $250/month family).
 Recognition clause: “temporary and casual employees” added to list of employee groups not covered by bargaining unit.
 Calculation of overtime: vacation and sick leaves count for the calculation of overtime, but comp time does not.
 Maintain current contract language on the following contract sections:
o Article 9.8. Callback and 9.14. Pay for Overnight Travel
o Article 33: Personnel Records
 Wages and Medical Stipend:
Change to Wages (including Medical Stipend)                                                                                  Oct. 16, 2018 3% COLA takes effect (not retroactive to June 16, 2018)
Nov. 30, 2018 $250 signing bonus (prorated by FTE) is in paycheck 1st paycheck with new COLA applied
Jan. 31, 2019 Full Stipend paid into HSA/HRA or included as pay, as employee designates
June 16, 2019 2% COLA takes effect
Jan. 31, 2020 Full Stipend paid into HSA/HRA or included as pay, as employee designates
June 16, 2020 2% COLA takes effect
Dec. 16, 2020 $0.48 per hour permanent pay increase for all employees except those in Job Group 715 (Shelvers)
 The purpose of this pay increase is to allow employees to accrue up an additional 1,000 ($0.48 x full-time schedule of 2,080 hours = $1,000) over last year where we will receive the stipend at the beginning of the year. This additional $1,000 can be moved into the HSA/HRA to cover future expenses that would have been covered by the Medical Stipend.
 By moving to this model, employees will get increases in overtime, PERS, deferred compensation, etc. Job Group 715 (Shelvers) receives a 5% base pay increase instead of
the flat pay raise above.
 Because no Shelvers work full-time, the method used above does not provide adequate compensation for the loss of the Stipend. The City agreed to increasing wages of their Job Group to ensure that they would not end at a loss.
 A mechanism to provide financial help to other part-time employees based on medical need will be determined and financed by the union. Availability of funds would begin in
January 2022.
Jan. 31, 2021 Full Stipend paid into HSA/HRA or included as pay, as employee designates (this is the last time the Stipend will be paid out as a separate lump sum)
June 16, 2021 2% COLA takes effect
June 16, 2022 2% COLA takes effect
2018 Negotiation Recap
We have been negotiating with management since February. It has been a long ride, so here’s a quick recap of the major tentative contract changes that were agreed to in earlier negotiation sessions:
 Article 2. Union Security and Checkoff: specifies that the City will continue to provide the Union with a monthly report with information on all current bargaining unit employees, new hires, and departed employees.
 Article 7. Labor Management Advisory Team (LMAT): removes requirement to meet at least every other month (either side may request a meeting of LMAT to be held as needed).
 Article 8. Grievance Procedure:
o Informal Resolution: employees can satisfy the requirement to attempt to initially discuss a contract dispute with their supervisor OR Human Resources staff.
o Mediation: eliminates the optional mediation step in the grievance process.
 Article 10. Leave Due To Emergency or Adverse Weather Condition:
o Leave Due to Emergency: specifies that, if a worksite becomes unsafe due to an emergency, employees may be reassigned to an alternate site for the remainder of that work day.
o Leave Due to Adverse Weather Conditions: clarifies that employees must notify their supervisors as soon as they can if they will not be able to come to work due to adverse weather conditions, and that employees may use leave accruals to cover this time away from work.
 Article 11. Rest Periods/Meal Periods: specifies that meal periods must be a minimum of 30 minutes long.
 Article 12. Uniforms: increase the maximum reimbursement for the purchase of required safety shoes to $175
(reimbursement of 50% of cost) every two fiscal years.
 Article 13. Cleanup Time: clarified language to remove redundancy.
 Article 14. Leaves:
o Witness or Jury Duty:
 Employees must notify their supervisor within five working days after receiving a jury summons or being subpoenaed as a witness under circumstances beyond their control.
 Employees must use their leave time or take leave without pay for court appearances other than as a juror or a witness in a trial.
 Article 15. Vacation Accumulation: the vacation buy back process has changed as follows:
o 10 years or more of service: can buy back up to one week of vacation per fiscal year.
o 15 years or more of service: can buy back up to two weeks of vacation per fiscal year.
o 20 years or more of service: can buy back up to three weeks of vacation per fiscal year.
o Normally, the deadline to request vacation buy back have to be turned in to your Department Director by 11/1, but if the deadline is missed, the Department Director can approve it if funds are available to accommodate it.
 Article 16. Holidays: clarified Section 16.5, Holidays Worked by adding a detailed example, and changed Floating Holiday to have the same leadtime for requesting the time off as vacation.
 Article 20. Special Pay: employees who receive bilingual pay cannot refuse to use their skills (note: inability to help due to workload is not a refusal).
 Article 25. Probationary Period: all new employees serve a one year probation; adds requirement for supervisors to work with new hires to develop a plan for them to gain any required licenses or clearances during their probationary period.
 Article 24. Posting Job Vacancies: the City will send notification of job openings that occur in an AFSCME-represented position to employees’ City email addresses.
 Article 31. Required Driver’s License: employees cannot be terminated due to a short-term restriction on their ability to drive unless driving is the sole job duty of their position.
 Appendix C. Transportation Employee Testing: updated to address how recreational and prescription drug use by CDL license holders will be addressed.

You Have the Power: Next Step
The next step is up to YOU. Team AFSCME has negotiated a tentative contract, but members are the ones who have to ratify it. There will be meetings in a variety of locations over the next week, so come with your questions and concerns – we need to
get all of them out there so each of us has the information we need to decide how to vote. If the majority of voters say “YES”, then the contract will be ratified, but if the majority answer is “NO”, then Team AFSCME goes back to mediation. If we go back to mediation, we will take your feedback with us about what you need to see from the City in order to be able to ratify a contract.
Help Wanted
We will need a lot of AFSCME members to staff our ratification vote in order to make voting available to as many people as possible. We need at least three people at the polling place at all times. Contact RuthRose Hennessey at and volunteer!

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