Greetings brothers and sisters, Our presence was recorded on Monday night as are all of the City Council meetings.  Watch “10/15/2018 Corvallis City Council” on Vimeo:

The testimonies of Ruth Rose Hennessey, Laura White & Connie Burdick (AFSCME City of Corvallis employees), Jen Pywell (spouse of AFSCME City of Corvallis employee), City Council candidates Andrew Freborg & Rachel Hoffman plus community members Michel,  Juliana and Susan Si all spoke out in support of our Local’s efforts to maintain our health care. They begin at the 1:35:58 mark and continue to 1:48:38 with a break for other issues’ commenters and continue at the 2:04:14 mark.  Please take the time to watch these testimonies again, or for the first time, and be inspired by our fight for a fair contract.

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