119 in favor

31 opposed

Our membership has spoken. We now have a new five-year contract. The ratification bonus and the 3% Cola will be reflected in your November 30th paycheck. Thank you to all who made it out to vote today.

To paraphrase what Bonnie B stated in her post yesterday, we have breathed some life into our union. Or as Ruth Rose said to us while we were running the “booth” today, we have never been so “woke”. Or what I’ve heard from member after member over these last few months: we have never been so engaged and proactive. This is coming from folks that have worked with the city for over 20 years.

Our union and the City of Corvallis is a place where we have opportunities to make tangible changes to those atrocities happening on a much larger scale. This is the spark. Let us continue to burn bright and be ready for the next contract with our wits and war paint.

By the way, per Mary Beth, their negotiations lawyer cost the city and, ultimately, our membership $48,000. That might not be a final tally either. Just remember that when we go into negotiations again in five years. I can’t see management paying a lawyer that much money to help get us a “good deal”. I will be looking forward to getting to know you all better as we continue to strengthen our bonds.

in Solidarity,

Shilo Anway

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