Do you want to stay informed about your Local’s happenings? Our own Luke Cotton, Information Systems Analyst, has provided us with the how-to. Just follow the easy steps he describes below:

If you are looking to keep up to date with local AFSCME items without needing to routinely go out to the website, you can subscribe to get updates from the site.
(you can always use the AFSCME Facebook as another method)
Subscribe for Email Notification:

  1. Go To:
  2. Look in the bottom right corner for the email subscription link called “Follow”.
    (sometimes you need to scroll down then up to get it to show the link)
  3. Click on the “Follow” link.
  4. Enter your email and sign up.

how to subscribe1

how to subscribe2

  1. Look for the confirmation email (could be in your spam box) and click on the confirmation link. (the email might mention WordPress as the sender)
  2. Enter your delivery preferences for the site after you click the confirm link.

how to subscribe3

Thank You Luke Cotton!

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