The following memo was drawn up by Nancy Loving, the friends of Corvallis PAC’s communication specialist. It is meant to inform on and advise action for the upcoming Levy in May. Please take a minute to read. I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather! This memo is being resent with the author’s correct affiliation.
Proposed city budget cuts will soon have devastating impacts on Parks & Recreation, the Library and grants to nonprofits that serve our most vulnerable residents. You and your neighbors will feel the loss of these top notch recreational services and artistic performances, and millions in downstream revenue (hotel rooms/restaurant meals) will be gone forever. These cuts will also hit us hard close to home, as 16 good union jobs will be eliminated.
STOP these drastic cuts by helping our Friends of Corvallis PAC pass Ballot Initiative 2-123 that will create a local levy to raise much-needed funds. The best news is this levy will replace an expiring levy so there will be NO tax increases!
Voters will cast their ballots by May 21st so it’s urgent to educate our neighbors about the ballot initiative and motivate them to vote YES. Here are several ways you can help: 
-Spend a weekend morning or afternoon delivering literature (no knocking, just leave a flyer at the door) 
-Spend a weekend morning or afternoon door-to-door canvassing (we will provide you talking points and training); 
– Distribute and collect lawn signs;
– Write a letter-to-the-editor; 
– Discuss the ballot initiative with your neighbors and friends;
– Donate to defray the costs of our public education campaign.
You may sign up to volunteer or donate at our website — — or contact our volunteer coordinator directly at Thank you in advance for keeping Corvallis such a great place to live and work!

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