Thank you all for coming out today to spend time with friends and family! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves.

This events ice breaker bingo was interesting; questions on left-handedness and being bi-lingual were peppered among contract questions. It turns out that there may need to be rules put in place or wording reconsidered since I could easily sign off as a “vegan” even though the it was 14 years ago as well as speak two languages because it didn’t say “fluently”. That would have been a good one for Ruth Rose. Leave it to the children to to find the loopholes in the system.

For those who received raffle prizes, we hope you enjoy your just rewards from Murphy’s, Block 15, Susan’s Garden and Coffee Shop, Dutch Bros, Cheesy Stuffed Burgers, AMC, New Morning Bakery and, of course, Highland Bowl.

Anyone who was keeping track of their bowling scores and would like to compare theirs to others, Gabe Cogswell bowled a 166. Looks to me like someone has a career in professional bowling if the City doesn’t work out. ;0)

Check out the photos of some of the families who came out!

Gabe Cogswell and his family.

A couple of kiddos filling out their ice breaker bingo sheets. Bob Parker in the background getting set up for a strike.

Ted Hart and his crew posing

Jeremy and his lovely family

Sophia and Belle partaking in Highland Bowl’s finer amenities

Carlos and Tim greeting and handing out raffle tickets

Charnee and Steven.

Adam Womack and his son and daughter

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