We are getting out the word to help pass a new 9-1-1 Emergency Communications Service District for our local emergency dispatchers. They are currently too understaffed to meet national standards for response times. A YES on 2-124 will do just that. Gabe Gurule, president of the local IAFF is working with a PAC to get the word out and as union brothers and sisters we are all for solidarity in labor.

Gabe writes:

“Our labor walk will be October 19th. More details to follow.
Below are links to pertinent webpages:
PAC Website:
PAC Volunteer Sign Up:
PAC Facebook Page

Lastly, I have attached a of couple pieces of literature from the PAC.
Thanks again for your assistance. I truly believe a united IAFF and AFSCME is better for all our members. I look forward to working with you all, in whatever capacity that may be.”
Here are the flyers that he attached. They are always happy to get volunteers to help in the cause.
Any further questions, please contact:
Gabe Gurule

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