Good morning Local 2975. Over the past week we have been in regular contact with management in an effort to safeguard your health and financial security. To date the city has taken some actions toward that end. This includes expanded sick leave donations, work from home/telecommuting options, shift modification and closure to the public. However there are still many of use who work in close proximity and as the recommendations from the state and federal government all suggest that staying home will be the best tool to slow the spread of the virus, we still believe that the city is not reacting quickly enough. It is our view that all non-essential staff should be sent home with paid admin leave unless they are able to telecommute and continue to serve the community.

The State of Oregon, City of Albany, Yamhill County and the City of Sutherlin have already taken this step (see attached MOUs). It seems likely that this will happen eventually here but I just don’t see the point in delaying. This virus can be transmitted by non-symptomatic people at a high rate, I’ve been told that the best course of action is to assume you have it to reduce the chances of spreading it. If this is the case logically we should all be avoiding unnecessary contact.

I have asked you all to please contact your city council person, the mayor and the City Manager today and implore them to take this step for our health and the health of the communities where we live.

In Solidarity,


20200313175511814 2 (1)

McMinnville Temporary Administrative Policy – COVID-19 Response_03122020…

City of Sutherlin COVID-19 Update 3.13.20 (002) (1)

COVID-19 Admin Directive

Corvallis City Council Contacts – Sheet1 (1)

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